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Commetric provides award-winning media listening, measurement and analytics services. We have been chosen by communications experts, marketers and brands as their trusted global partner for media analysis and business intelligence. Our patented technology, experienced analysts and proprietary research methodologies deliver accurate and actionable insights often missed by conventional tools.

We do so around the globe, across 20 languages, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Founded in 2005 with global headquarters in London and the Research and Technology Centre in Sofia, Commetric operates as an independent company throughout Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.
We have developed robust industry experience and have delivered more than 500 client engagements with Fortune 1000 and FTSE 250 clients around the world.

We help clients with understanding:

  • how to measure your communication efforts and how to share the results with impact to the CMO, CFO, CEO and Senior Executives
  • Align PR objectives to business results and goals
  • Prove your value with your organization and senior management
  • How to connect your activities to results that your executive team cares about


Commetric provides analysis to global Fortune 500 companies interested in attracting women and thought leadership. The Women in Leadership project is a powerful amplifier of the benefits of how brands have been successful in their diversity driven brand outreach initiatives. The Women in Leadership study identifies and evaluates how brands have been successful in their diversity driven media outreach initiatives. A report published by Catalyst defined the connection between women led companies and their direct impact on increased revenue. Our clients use these insights to create engagement plans, increase press and speaking opportunities.


Consumer brands face reputational risks relating to the use of chemicals in packaging and the manufacturing process, potentially adding risk throughout the supply chain. Our deep dive reports focus on areas such as BPA (packaging), aspartame (beverages) and plastics (manufacturing), illustrating how much traction these topics are having in consumer generated media. When faced with a reputational crisis, Commetric can provide you with daily and weekly coverage summaries and analysis, presented in an easy to use dashboard to share with executives, product marketing, communications and compliance executives.



Media Research and Business Analytics that matter.

We monitor, measure and analyse social, online and traditional media to help organisations discover new insights that matter. Our approach combines the best people with patented, cutting edge technology to deliver measurable results for many of the world’s most demanding brands. Find out how.

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